kitchen imagesA KITCHEN IS:

A gathering place
A cook’s creative workshop
A place where we laugh, cry, argue, complain and solve problems

The kitchens needs to be:

  • Multifunctional
  • Comfortable
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Efficient
  • Your style
  • Affordable

We can help you live in your space by asking some very important questions.

For example:

  • Do you entertain?
  • Would you like an island or a peninsula?
  • How many people would you like to have seated at the kitchen island?
  • Do you grocery shop daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Do you have a garden and can you harvest?
  • Do you have pets?

Cabinetry Selections

Cabinetry is one of the most important considerations to any remodel project. When selecting cabinets for your kitchen or bath, there are many factors to consider including quality, construction, materials, style, color, and of course price.
However, one element that is often overlooked is the reputation, values and quality of the company manufacturing the cabinets. We are authorized dealers of several top-notch manufacturers offering quality products, offering everything from custom, semi-custom to value-priced options to accommodate every budget.

Cabinet Hardware Selections

No design is fully complete without hardware, whether you are looking to make a bold statement or looking only for functionality and minimizing the appearance. We provide a wide variety of cabinet Hardware designs and styles.

Countertop Selections

Choosing the correct materials, colors and styles will accent the beauty of your new cabinetry. Allowing you to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen & bath cabinets with a beautiful counter top, as well.

We provide a selection of kitchen countertop surfaces to fit every style and budget. So what’s the best counter top surface for your kitchen?

  • Granite, Marble, Soapstone & Wood counter tops will provide you with a luxurious look and feel. They are naturally occurring materials, each with its own unique style and character.
  • Quartz is a man-made product with similar features to granite.  All are minimal maintenance and virtually indestructible being impervious to heat and cold.
  • Solid Surface, is also a durable surface and comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will beautify your kitchen
  • Laminates such as Formica or Wilsonart offer a visually appealing yet durable surface on a budget.  These are not the 60’s and 70’s laminates you may be more familiar with, there are many new modern styles and unique patterns and colors to choose from, many that mimic granite and marble with varying movement.

Making Life Easier With A New Kitchen Remodel

Modern kitchens can be beautiful, but they don’t do much good if they don’t meet your needs. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” kitchen design solution when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Though beautiful, granite countertops and high-end appliances are important finishing touches, a great kitchen design and remodel begins with ensuring that our Maine homeowners have everything they need to make use of their kitchen remodel. At HomeStyle Kitchens and Baths, one of the first things we’ll do when you contact us for kitchen remodel is ask how you use your current kitchen. Are you a baker, an entertainer, or a kitchen gadget aficionado in need of plenty of storage for those appliances? Whatever the case, here at HomeStyle, we can ensure your kitchen design and new kitchen layout meets all your needs. Sometimes even a simple adjustment in kitchen design can make all the difference for our Maine homeowners when it comes to being comfortable and functional use of a kitchen space in your remodel.

A Kitchen Remodel That Works For You

Are you left or right handed? Is the main cook tall or short? In your home are there children and pets? At HomeStyle Custom Kitchens and Baths we take all of this into consideration when creating your new beautiful kitchen remodel, allowing us to design a functional kitchen that can double as dining rooms, a bar area, a homework spot, and most of all a wonderful area for entertaining guests. Many of the kitchen remodels design also provide sightlines into the other parts of the home, so no one in the kitchen ever feels cut off from what is going on in other areas of the house. If you are a Maine homeowner looking for kitchen design inspiration to help you on your next kitchen remodel that will solve your tight kitchen problems, look no further than HomeStyle Custom Kitchens and Baths. Our local Maine homeowners know that when they receive a new kitchen remodel designed from our team, they are going to receive the latest in kitchen remodeling trends all at very affordable prices.

Custom Designed Kitchen Remodels & Renovations

Meeting our client’s needs also extends to their entire family. All our Maine customer’s situations vary, and depending on family size, children, pets, our team can create a beautiful kitchen remodel designed to meet your needs. At HomeStyle, we do our very best to incorporate all your kitchen remodel needs into the perfect kitchen design for your family. If you need your kitchen to have open sightlines we can provide you with an open concept design. If what you want most is to fit a long dining room table into your kitchen space for family entertaining, we can create the kitchen design that is fitting to your needs. At HomeStyle our key is to consider your needs and wants, and then create your dream kitchen remodel. If you are looking for kitchen design inspiration on your new home, please contact HomeStyle Custom Kitchens and Baths today to schedule your complimentary kitchen remodeling consultation. We will go over some of your kitchen design ideas and help assess the remodeling budget, space, and any other factors.

We invite you to stop by our showroom for additional kitchen design ideas for their kitchen design remodel and every other area of the home.

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